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Chinese Cinderella

Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter - Adeline Yen Mah

After reading this book,i felt heart ranching for the author. This is because the author"s mother past away after giving birth to the author and hence, her father remarried to a young foreign woman. Adeline, also known as the author, which everyone would said that she would bring 'bad luck' and 'cursed' to people due to the fact that her mother death was because of her appearing into the world. Therefore she is not very well-known among her family. She has a total of 3 brothers one of them was her step brother and she also had a step sister. She had a aunt and grandpa which cared for her a lot despite her being said to be the nemesis to the family.She was brought from one country to another to study and eventually her aunt and the author was separated. In conclusion,the book was interesting. My favourite character in the book is Adeline. This is because she is a very inspirational writer. I really admire her because despite those days when she was being neglected by the family. I also learn to be positive towards negative things.This book has also make me understood how fortunate i was. After reading this book written by the author Adeline, it has made me cherish and appreciate the people around me. This book have let me understand what is perseverance. i am very grateful to have read this book  as it has taught me a lot. i would recommend everyone to read this book.